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Ground Bearing Pressure Estimator

Manitowoc's Ground Bearing Pressure Estimator program is designed to assist lift planning personnel by providing an estimate of support requirement for a lattice boom crawler, truck, or Ringer crane.

This program assumes that the lift has been fully engineered to verify attachment combinations, radius, angles, and that the capacities are within the working limitations for that specific model and lifting situation.

Manitowoc provides three surface criteria to allow the most accurate pressure to be utilized. The three criteria are Standard, Soft and Hard surface. The below link explains the difference between the surfaces.
Surface Explanation Document

System Requirements  
Computerprozessor Computer Processor 800MHz Pentium III or Athlon or better
Operating System Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 10


  1. Click the Application Download link and save the WinZip file to your computer
  2. Open the WinZip file
  3. Open the GBPressure.msi file and and select Run

Executing the installation program will install the necessary programs onto your computer. The installation program places a shortcut icon on the desktop and a new program group in your Start menu which will include an executable program as well as an uninstall program.

Using the estimator:

  1. Select your requirement for imperial or metric units
  2. Enter a project name or number (not a requirement)
  3. Select required model and description
  4. Select required counterweight
  5. Select crawler position – extended or retracted
  6. Select gantry position – either up or down
  7. Select operating surface – either soft or hard
  8. Select required boom configurations including jibs or luffing jibs if required
  9. Enter total lifted load
  10. Enter load radius
  11. Select correct location of suspended load
  12. Enter boom angle and or jib offset angle if required
  13. Enter specific swing angle if a requirement
  14. Select "Generate Report"
  15. The report can now be printed or exported and saved


For technical assistance, please contact Brennan Seeliger -
Outrigger Pad Loads for Grove products can be found on the Outrigger Pad Load Calculator website by clicking here